LonelyCreek has chosen to be a small kennel in order to give our dogs the individual attention, affection andDeion and Sonya exercise each dog deserves. When you purchase from a small kennel, you are assured of getting the puppy you paid for.

Our puppies are handled at every feeding and have only known love and comfort from human hands. If you are looking for a fearless, confident, yet docile breed for your family-- you are searching for a Bullmastiff.

We are committed to only breeding with the intention of preserving the integrity of the Bullmastiff.

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Sonya Worley

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LonelyCreek Puppies

Your LonelyCreek puppy will arrive micro-chipped for his/her future safety. Puppies are wormed every week to 10 days.

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Bordeaux chanpion Euro from LonelyCreek
The Bordeaux is a gentle, calm, sensitive dog that forms a strong bond with his owner and is very affectionate with children. They will willingly accept other household pets if introduced to them when young. Early socialization and obedience training is a must for this breed.
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This is Ridik (CashXMisty Dawn)    Kira (Boomer X Daisy just 1 yr here)  and Bella ( AresXKally) 

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